Which is better investment gold or diamond

which is better investment gold or diamond

Which is better investment gold or diamond?
  • DEC 05, 2020
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History bears testimony that the gold many of us and our family collect over the years is often stored for generations to end in the lockers and safes. However, many of us are unaware of the actual value of this worthy metal that we own and don't know how to access it to the best.

It has been witnessed for ages that we Indians have used gold as an investment option. Hence when you search sell gold for cash near me you are indeed looking for an avenue to ease for a financial solution in the most sought after metal. Selling gold is a prevalent practice across the country, and there is nothing unusual when people convert gold into money in their hard times. Indian markets offer thousands of options to sell gold ornaments at ease.

The value of gold is not just limited to being a precious metal, but its part of Indian culture as well. As a metal that outdoes internal values and investment opportunities, gold would only be the sole item that penetrates every strata and class of our society. It is equally sought by a wealthy businessman as well as a general-waged individual. It has an impact on our religion, culture, and day-to-day lives in multiple ways, which may explain best why India is the topmost consumer and importer of gold in the world. A study reveals that India purchases 25% of the entire gold present in the world. The consumption amount is 6X more than what the United States consumes.

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In a normal sense, a diamond is not considered an investment tool. You can understand this as you buy a car for its uses and consumption value, an individual should purchase a diamond for its visual appeal and aesthetic features. You are possibly not making a wise decision if you are purchasing them for investment purposes. But, if you have any diamond necklace or such ornament, you can sell them at a good price with a trusted and reputed diamond buyer. This amount can be hefty and put for investment also.

To understand which is a better investment- gold or diamond, then digging the recent history will also bring some valuable information. For instance, gold appreciated 501% between 2001 and 2012 which comes out with an annual return of approx 18%, none of the metal or gemstone may provide such a huge turn.

Gold is a brilliant hedge against political, economic, and currency crises, and overall market demur.

When markets go into recession, gold is sold to counterbalance losses. This fact makes gold the most desired precious metal that is next to impossible to be synthetically produced, unlike a diamond. When you buy or sell gold for cash in the open market, there is transparency. On the other hand, the pricing history of the diamond can only be explained as gloomy at best. Also, investing in gold can be a good decision as the gold market is normally fairly liquid. More imperatively, though, the fact remains that we can exchange gold for cash and that is a large gold item that can be traded for a hundred small ones like you can do it with a five hundred rupee note for a hundred five rupee notes. These attributes make it a viable potential investment.

On the other hand, the value of diamond depreciates over time and its not fungible as well. This is because diamonds have varying grades, colors, cuts, and sizes. As such these characteristics make it tough to find the same diamond.

Best options to sell gold for cash in Delhi

As banks never repurchase gold from people, they often have no other option left than to approach the local jewel smith or artisans to sell their gold. They, in turn, take advantage of the situation and deduct the enormous amount of money in the name of wastage charges, melting charges and so on, which amounts to getting a maximum of 60-65 per cent of the value of gold. It is not the actual worth for the customers in any manner whatsoever. Therefore, the best option to sell gold for cash in faridabad is to approach the trusted parties that assure genuine deals.

The observation is that the cash against gold leads to dissatisfaction and utter disappointment if you don't research keenly before selling gold. That is why you should ensure looking for the best gold and silver coins buyers in Delhi before zeroing upon a party to make a deal of selling your gold for cash finally

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